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The new major update is here! We are adding elements to the game and many more changes!

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Dear players,

We are thrilled to announce the new update! There are many new features and fixes coming for you on this update, and we hope you enjoy them!

The list of changes are:

- Elements are being added to the game! In Kakele there are three elements: Light, Dark and Nature. If you paid close attention to the game lore, you will see that these make a ton of sense, and it fits the game narrative like a glove. Light wins over Dark, Dark wins over Nature and Nature wins over Light. There is a bonus of 30% more damage and resistance in these cases. Equipping 5 or more items of the same energy will give you that energy temporarily. Click and hold the energy orbs in your equipment panel for more details! We will publish the new Wiki soon so you can see the monsters and equipment energies. We may adjust some items energies during the test server.

- Are you ready for Eldorado and The City of the Stars? A lot of new areas to explore in the game, and some other parallel quests were added too (not only endgame!). There are also new outfits and a new pet! Who is going to be the first to discover how to get them? The new content may be locked in the test server, and may only be accessed after the update.

- Another big change is the reputation coins: these coins are experimental. We want more experienced players to help newbies in the game, so that is why we have created them. You can be matched to a reputation job every hour or so. That means that all you have to do is to help the other player to advance a level (which you don't get to choose)! We have added new exclusive items to a NPC that you can only buy using these coins, so it is very much worth making a new friend and helping a newbie!!

- The big changes don't stop: we have changed the power formula! Yes, that is right. Now your character will gain 1 of attack, armor and magic for each 1 level!! Before, a level 500 would have 268 of attack, armor and magic. Now, a level 500 has 500 of attack, armor and magic! We may adjust some spells or vocations depending on player feedback, but the idea is that level is also a good factor into your character strength, instead of just equipment. The Alchemist mana blessings (the ones that buff other people), were nerfed so that the power of that spell is about the same as it is today (it may be lower). The Alchemist self idolize will recover a lot more mana now, and was not nerfed! Spells that buff/debuff based on percentages (example: plus 40% speed) were not changed.

- Many have requested the possibility of changing the pet names and their name color! We have added these options now with the cost of some Kakele Coins for those interested, as it shouldn't interfere with the gameplay! The name rules also apply to your pet, and you may get your pet name reset if you choose a bad name, and a warning placed in your account.

- Many players have also requested in the previous update to reduce the battle time to 30 seconds. We have done that now! Let us know what do you think.

- One other feature request was the ability to see the pets spells when checking their info. Well, now you can! (click and hold in the pet menu!)

- And the changes requested by you don't stop! We are raising the potions stack to 100!! Now you can fit more stuff into your adventure backpack!

- The Hunter's windrun has received a minor nerf: the ultimate windrun will give you 40% chance of blocking attacks and spells, instead of 50%.

- The screen size is not reduced to 10 squares each side. For about 15% of you, it means that the sides of the screen will have a shadow, so that it is fair with players with smaller screens!

- Items, monsters, quests and even positions are now highlighted in the game chat! This way you can talk to anyone in any language and find out what they are talking about, and easily access the information needed.

- The equipment details were also revamped, and will show now the difference between using that equipment and your current equipment.

- The outfits were redesigned! As you know, we didn't own the copyrights of the previous sprites, so we had no choice but to redesign and replace them. Also, we will improve it over time.

- The new left menu is now simplified! It will be much easier to find what you are looking for. Also, the windows positions are now all saved, so that helps too. Finally, the windows will be kept within the screen bounds. Let us know if this cause any unforeseen problems to you!

- Your list of ignored players is now saved on server side. That means the ignored players will be saved even if you reinstall the game.

- You also cannot receive mail from ignored players! If someone is sending you trash, just add them to the ignore list.

- We have added screenshots to the game app, so that you now can share whenever you advance your level easily to any apps installed on your phone!! (example: Facebook, Instagram, ..)

- We have fixed the trade bug that some have reported. We also simplified some of its mechanics to make it clear when someone has a trade offer to you. Please test the trade out and let us know if you find any other bugs.

- Many small map fixes and tweaks, such as Mr Roboto now dropping the rare loot more frequently.

- Referrals have now changed: you can only claim the bonus when the player reaches level 200. There were many reports of abuse of people using the level 50 and 100 for free Kakele Coins. We may change the referral system again in the future to avoid abuse.

- We have changed the Golden Dragon event. The Dragon can only be killed when the event is active. The same goes for the Elven bosses.

- Volcano event buckets don't block the path now. You can swap and jump players standing on buckets. The exit of the event was also expanded.

- Many purchase buttons that require Kakele coins now have a confirmation dialog.

- Guide buttons were moved to the left in the window header, to avoid misclicks.

- The storyline now shows the quests and/or level necessary to advance to the next step! So this way you know for sure what needs to be done, even when the text doesn't say much.

- You will now be able to deliver quest items from your backpack or loot!

- Other bug fixes reported by you via the game reporting system or Discord. For instance the death screen not showing up before being disconnected. Thank you for reporting bugs!!

We hope you enjoy it! And thank you so much for helping us to reach 1000 subscribers on YouTube!! That is a great milestone, and we couldn't make it without your support. Thank you!

Here is a video about the elements:

And here is a bit of spoilers:


The ViVa Team

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