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We are officially taking the next step on our development journey, showcasing our game on Steam Greenlight.

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We are officially taking the next step on our development journey, showcasing our game on Steam Greenlight.

The trailer and a few screenshots are now accessible on the game’s Greenlight™ page:

The Island - Ethereal is a co-op multiplayer game for the PC, which combines tactical shooter, survival and horror elements. You can play with up to five other players and choose to connect via LAN or the internet. The game-play consists of matches versus an AI.

You can also find the video on YouTube:

The Scenario

When the helicopter carrying you and your teammates crashes on an unknown island, the fight for survival ensues. Your team needs to gather and defend resources that they can use to build a craft, that will help them escape the island and win the match. The opposing team is controlled by AI. A match can take between 1-6 hours depending on the requirements to win the match. (Set by the host) The resources on the island however are limited, with the most rare pieces to be found in the middle of the island in between the opposing teams. You and your team will need to find the right balance between using resources to build protection for your camp and using resources for the craft. At the same time you will have to master the skills of harvesting resources, keeping watch and attacking the enemy. To make things worse, your crew and the opposing team are not the only ones on the island and when it gets dark things become even more challenging.


  • Play with up to 5 friends or players from around the world via LAN or the internet.
  • Engage in combat, gather resources and build protection for your team.
  • Explore a 2 km long island filled with secrets and differently designed areas.
  • Experience the changing atmosphere: Day-night cycle / Dynamic weather system.
  • Make strategic decisions on how to approach the match, which will be different every time
  • Choose one of 6 different characters and play the game with different voice-overs and skill-sets.
  • Get terrified by one of the many randomly occurring frightening moments.
  • Beat the AI and reveal new secrets along the way.


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