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Talk of modeling and efficiency with a concept in mind

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When you set out to model something, you really can't(shouldn't) just model it. You need to know all sorts of things about the thing you are modeling and what you are modeling it for. So when modeling assets for fractured state, I need to know a lot about the world we are making. The technology the people have access to changes what the buildings look like. What they are made from. How they are made. To make a convincing world, you have to take all of these things into consideration.

But it is more than just making something that looks good and fits your world. Its about fitting your asset to the game as well. If you know what you need, then you know what you have to model or what you need to make your asset work. That's what the whole process comes down to. Making things work. But I guess we have deadlines. So its making it work. On time.

And efficiency is a big part of that. and part of modeling effciency is scale. You want everything in your world to be believable. It needs to look right and feel good. So making sure you have an established scale for your assets is huge. Nothing sucks more than to realize that you made something the wrong size. Sometimes you can salvage a model or fix whatever your issue was. But if you don't screw up to begin with? Yea, that's the point.

When I first started with the Fractured State team, I started doing mostly preproduction stuff. Refining concepts, cleaning up lists, kicking the rest of the team in the pants. You know. Stuff. But now that things have started picking up, I can start cranking out assets. We have moved on to the point where I can start giving Matt more than just placeholder objects. We can start putting together our world that we can one day share with all you guys.

Oh what a day that will be.

I leave you with an image as I slowly populate a street, to make sure have the scale and angles right

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