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A sneak peek to the story

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Green Brighton, a 23 year old cobbler travelling to Mansfield, a separated small village where his grandfather lives. The village itself is really far from Cottingham, where Green lives and the trip takes several days. On the second morning of the travel Green wakes up just to have a walk to the bathroom. Just as he reaches it, loud, disturbing noises coming outside which seems like a big crash is heard, as Green hits his head hard and becomes unconscious. A few hours later, he wakes up in the middle of the woods, as he realizes that a huge crash has happened, the railway carriages are all over the places eaten up by fire, and the blood of other passengers. As he travels deeper into the mysterious forest, he finds out that there is a a way bigger threat that he has to worry about than starving wolves, and the creepy dark trees.

The rest of the story is waiting for discovery.....

Highly inspired by "Extraction Point"

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