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Their name comes from an ancient Atherian word that roughly means “big fireflies”. It is believed that Edon himself gave them their name during one of his mystical journeys through time and from that day on, all of Atheria called them by the same name. They simply became known as Lumen.

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As with their name, their origin seems to also be lost in time. In the sixth chapter of Edon the Narrator, it is written that at the beginning of a night between the season of the aligned moons and the saw season of the Annia,

"The sky become alive and thousand lights, white like milk started to fall all around Atheria".

With time the aura of mystery and mysticism linked to their "fall" in the lands of Atheria started to disappear, giving way to a real history.
The history tells of a peaceful and spiritual civilization bound to nature and the lands they live in, similar to and maybe even more than the hamadryad. Lumen live a short life that rarely is longer than 20 years and perpetuate their history and culture orally through chants, songs, and poetry.

The first Lumen who entered into Atheria's history was Ak, called to represent the Lumen in the newly born "Council of the Five". Ak began the long journey to Kalenda alone and on foot, in search of wisdom and serenity, the most prizd talents of all Lumen.
From that day on, every Lumen elected to the "Council of the Six" began to make his same journey known as the "path of purification".

In the year 641, the Lumen counselor OS, firmly opposed the acceptance of the demon race into the council. He reminded the others in the council that the demons harbored great hate and resentment towards the others races for enslaving them for hundreds of years (a practice the Lumen were always against) and that sooner or later the hate would erupt and bring pain for all of Atheria.

Unfortunately, the words of OS were prophetic. When Isia killed the other 5 members of the "Council of the Six", ascending to power and starting the Age of the beasts, he was blinded by hate. Isia saw to all manner of brutality and torture. Under his rule, the palace of the council was quickly painted by the red blood of all the Atherian creatures that were captured and killed in that place.

The Lumen tell of the horrors of a period, known as “the hunt", during which Isia and his army killed thousand of their Lumen brothers and sisters. Isia's motivation was revenge for the resistance of OS, and his hesitancy to add the demon race to the “Council of Five”. Every year thousands of demons make the pilgrimage to the island of Axo to pray and give gifts at the "Cathedral of Mal", created by Isia with the crystallized wings of the Lumen killed.

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