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Coming from the depths of the darkest land in Atheria, the demons were for millenniums, considered a race that was only good to be hunted and killed. The ancient scrolls speak of how some species of demons were trained exclusively for fighting to the death. After being blinded, the demons were deprived of food and water, and repeatedly beaten into a bloody, lifeless mass to make them more aggressive and evil.

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From the center of Kalenda to the smallest villages, even the changing of the seasons was a good opportunity to celebrate with demon fighting. These fights would always end in a very gruesome and predictable way, with the death of both fighters.

In that epoch, the government of Atheria was in the hands of the "Council of the Five", a government where the elected represented the five free races of Atheria. Officially, the council was against these cruel spectacles, but in truth, they were well aware that the human counselor Seforis was the biggest blind demon merchant.

In the year 476, a proposition was passed with some resistance to end these fighting spectacles, and furthermore outlawed the slavery of demons. Even if still considered unworthy to be part of the "council of the five", it was a first step towards the recognition of demons as a race.

In the year 538, the demon Kayos disguised himself as a dragonide and managed to steal everyone's attention during an assembly. Kayos tried for over an hour to plead the demon cause. He went so far as to ask for the allowance of a demon representative into the Council of the Five. His speech was abruptly ended by the Council Guard that was protecting the assembly. Unfortunately, Kayos' identity was discovered and he was placed under arrest.

After two days of desperation, Kayos managed to free himself and together with his brothers managed to escape into the depths of the mountains.

From that day on and for over one hundred years after, they continued to pursue the cause of making the demons part of the council. Until, at the end of the 13th day of the season of the aligned moons, in the year 641 with a split vote, Lenter the son of Kayos, managed to officially become part of the new "Council of the Six." The demons were finally accepted as a worthy race.

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