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There will be release soon with fixes to the most events and a new mechanic, the provinces selector. At the request of the recreator of BAI, it has been removed. As always Thank You to arkhometha-HPM Sighpie-HFM God of Cheese and Kristjan2-GOC PUIR antonius117-Blood and Iron(even if you don't support the mod thank you for the idea for the mod.) u/GetoBoi-Dynamic.

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- Color for South Italian and South German reverted to vanilla
- Dockyards now provide an infrastructure bonus
- Updated flags for German minors, some flags are ordered according to the start date
- Changed the borders of provinces in India (thoroughly), France, Italy, the Netherlands, Indonesia, South Africa, Switzerland
- Appearance on the map of India Cochin, Rewah, Surguja, Assam (Ahom), Junagadh, Cooch Behar, Garhwal, Jeypura, Tripura, Khasi States, Patiala, Khairpur, Nagalim and Mizoram as princely states of British India
- Increased literacy scale for Punjab to 0.45 (thanks compulsory education)
- Added in Luwu, Selimbau, and Pitu to Indonesia
- Clarification on the disappearance of Lucca and Genoa
- Minor map changes in Argentina and Balochistan
- Relevant countries now start with Hot Blast researched
- Relevant countries now don't start with Mechanized Mining researched
- Miscellaneous tech bugfixes
- Fixed rebels spawning in AI countries
- The number and ethnicity of the POPs in European Russia, Baltics, Tavria, Graubunden and Friuli were changed
- Implemented the direct immigration system
- Events and decisions for Portugal are now compatible for Portugal-Brazil
- Updated defines.lua to reduce militancy, lower soldier pops, and generally make more like HFM & HPM settings
- Cleaned up inventions and technologies to remove duplicates and references to NVs, goods, factories, units, etc. which are not currently present in the mod.
- Renamed Coptic to Oriental Orthodox, in this regard, Armenians and Syrian Mashriqi transferred to Oriental Orthodox (expect 10,000 Catholics)
- Renamed Romansh to Rhaeto-Romansh; they were excluded as the secondary culture of Switzerland; German POPs from Chur transferred to Zurich
- Ulster attached two provinces, which led to a recast of Irish independence events/decisions

Thank you for downloading TGC.
TGC was made possible by the below developers and mods:

u/Hammonia-HFM map mod
u/louisky58-More Stuff for HFM
God of Cheese and Kristjan2-GOC PUIR
u/GetoBoi-Dynamic Infamy
vic1984-Victoria Universalis
u/YLEK111 or kstar234 - Hearts of Ideologies
Kspeher - GEF

TGC Developers:


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