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This week we have spectacular fireworks, the feeling of being on cloud 9 and the GOAT FederGR-18.

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You can't stop me from spreading the awesomeness of this community, FRIYAY has arrived! This week we have spectacular fireworks, the feeling of being on cloud 9 and the GOAT FederGR-18.

As always, remember to click the level names to bookmark them for later on. HERE WE GO!

Hop Skip & Jump

TalkGibberish is at his creative best in the level Around Hardlight. Simple HOPS, SKIPS & JUMPS is all that is required to get through this one! A perfect example of simplicity being the ultimate sophistication!


Espurrator's creative level Watch Spike Chainer Swing! makes use of the Hawk-Eye system to keep the game fair! All GR-18 needs to do is put on its headband, grab the tennis racquet to replay the point and move the spike across the court!

The Amazing GR-18!

Call on your Spidey Powers in SchuhBaum's precarious level Tiptow Oasis. GR-18 will have to climb a lot of walls and jump through fire to survive this one!

Graveyard Shift

In Spekio's spooky music level Trouble From The Deep, GR-18 takes on the graveyard shift! Being alert in all directions (especially below) is the key to making this delivery.

Investigative Journalist GR-18

GR-18 is following up on a lead by Dearg Doom in the Scrubb facility Machine Gear GR-18. This will be the front page expose of the sweatshop in tomorrow's ROBOT TIMES!


  • SleepyDoof's Toasty Desert has spectacular fireworks. Sit back and enjoy the show!
  • CJ5Boss's Sky Zone has the feeling of being on cloud 9. Enjoy while the feeling lasts!
  • Dnin's Whizblade Mayhem is like doing 10 sets of 100-meter sprints, progressively gets harder!
  • DustierDolphin's Super Package Mastery: Climb has a gorgeous view at the top! Climbing this Everest is the hard part!

Whaddya waitin' for?

Grab Levelhead over on Steam!

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