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Post news RSS The Girl - An Ethereldians Tale

The Beginning of my novel based in the world of Pliza Online. Let me know what you think - Euan

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The wind swept though the aspen trees that littered the
surrounding areas of Cropsford. Their branches though sturdy could be
seen to be taking a beating from the ferocious weather. Nothing could
escape the conditions. The only light came from inside the Inn where
a drinking contest was taking place.The Village guard headed by
Captain Ridge were supposed to stop this kind of behaviour but being
drunkards themselves they fell foul to the alcohol and joined in.

The figure did not move. The tree's around him began to
sway vigorously creeking like old floorboards but still the figure
remained completly still. His purple eyes were fixed on a particular
house. The number 39 that was displayed on the door was rusty and as
the wind blew the number completly fell off the hinges. The figure
managed a grunt before walking towards the front door. The cloak the
figure was wearing completly shrouded his face. Knock, Knock, Knock.
The figure did not tap but rather punched the door as if he was
trying to break through. The door opened and the figure stepped

The next morning Cropsford was in a state of shock.
Blame was placed on Captain Ridge's head for the dissappearence of
Samantha Jones. Villagers were screaming and shouting while the
captain who was dealing with a vicous hangover proceeded with his
investigation oblivious of the villagers cries of pain and anguish.
The Investigation continued to no avail and the guards who to were
hungover called off the search.

A bottle slid along the slanted shelf and as it hit the
ground, liquid spilled from it's glassy prison. "Wait what"
Samantha whispered. Ropes had been coiled around her waist much like
an anaconda would do to it's prey. She sat there unable to move a
muscle or breath to much affect. Samantha wondered not only what was
going on but who she had upset. Kidnappings although not common in
Etherelda were know to happen from time to time. Bandits and Thugs
were know to steal villagers and demand a ransom which would almost
always be delivered. Purple eyes appeared from across the room. This
was no Ordinary Kidnapping. "At last my dear you are awake, I
apologise for my lack of mannerisms". This was no bandit or thug
that was for sure. "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is
Silynar but you may refer to me as Sil". Confusion spread across
Samantha's face. Why was this figure dealing with formalities. " I
have come here for information and once that information has been
delivered to me I will set you free"

More to come. Thanks for reading - Euan

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