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I explain why I bothered, not only making this seemingly random "game" but also sharing it publicly.

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Well, if you happen to click onto this page, you may be wondering why I bothered making this. You may especially be wondering why I bothered sharing this. Well, the answer is quite simple.

I like to code, usually as a thing to pass the time. During isolation, thanks to COVID-19, I''m currently left with a surplus of time to kill. However, I have a serious problem.

It's a very, very serious problem.

So SEVERE, in fact.

I can NEVER finish a project that I start...ever. So basically, this whole Battleships thing is just me forcing myself to finish a project. I hope that, by sharing this publicly, it will encourage me to actually get SOMETHING done (even if it's a trashy text based game that I definitely didn't make in a few hours).

So really, I want to be better at completing projects I start, and with this now publicly available to the whole internet to see...not finishing it would make me look like a bit of an idiot.

(And maybe once I get better at pulling through and finishing stuff i might start making better and more enjoyable things).

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