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Myrne 6312 is a fully playable game but it's still very young. Here's what I plan for its future.

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Hello everyone !

So, if you didn't play "Myrne 6312" yet, here's what you'll be confronted to:

A coop only game with clunky controls and a weird interface that requires mouse usage even if the game is meant to be played by two players on a keyboard. Already fun though... And totally playable with 5 differents endings.

The very beginning Something went wrong...

I see a lot of potential in this game, so, here's what I plan to do with it (keep in mind that there's no promises here):

  • Change the interface: it will be my priority number one. No more mouse controlls, rebindable controls and maybe gamepad support.
  • The possibility of playing in singleplayer and up to 4 players in split-screen
  • MOOOAR levels ! Military bases, ships, more stations, planet surfaces, etc
  • MOOOAR game modes ! Team vs team, pure survival (with food, etc), PvP, etc
  • And a lot more content in general. New guns with their own types of ammo, new enemies, maybe some bosses, ...
  • And it will remain absolutely free. I plan to use a pay what you want economic model with a minimum of 0$.

It will not be today, not tomorrow, probably not before a month or two (because I'm actively working on another project (this one was a Ludum Dare entry) but I promise you guys, this game will become epic one day, and it will probably be before the end of this year ;)

Edit october 8th 2013: Well, maybe not before the end of the year^^. I'm still working on "Song of the Myrne" but "Myrne 6312" is definitely next.

Oh, and don't forget to try it out now ! It's already a ton of fun.

Ludum Dare version (V2)
Myrne 6312 for Windows - Ludum Dare version (V2)

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