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Discussing future of this mod development, our first textures...

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What's happening forum?

So, this week there will be no new images or 3D models but don't worry, we are preparing "King Sized" update for the next week. Our resident Image editing expert is working on textures 24/7 so included in next week's update will be 3D models WITH textures. SO even though this will be an early version, a pre-pre-pre-alpha as it were, you will still get the basic idea of how our mod will look. Some of the models will be new, some will be old, and some will be upgraded versions of models you already seen. Now, majority (not all, we are really excited to show you guys some other things we've been working on !!!) of the models and corresponding textures will be related to arms&armour and there will be at least few versions of each. After this bigger update, we will keep developing our arms&armour privately until we have something more and better to show and in the a mean time, you will have structures, daily objects and interiors (most likely in that particular order) to look forward to.That phase is supposed to take up to 3-4 months after which we will use another 2 months to put it all together. Now, our hope is that by that time and after E3 and Gamescom we will have the release date for Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord and as promised, we will announce release date of our mod within 3 months of their date being announced.

With business being taken care of, we'll catch you people next week, we wish you pleasant weekend!

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