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A brief history of The Elk, who they are, and how they fell in the end.

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So I've talked vaguely about the history of The Elk, but haven't gone into great detail.

So the entirety of the story of The Elk comes from the term "Bambi". Bambis referer to new player of a survival game, because a lot of them run into the woods get lost and are generally helpless.

So a group of player who decide to protect the bambis came about in the early days of "Necrofection Z". They slowly grew, recruiting the bambis they help and this group eventually becomes The Elk. The Elk would get so big that they would break themselves up over multiple servers, but their main server was owned by the founders of The Elk, and was called "Haven 24/7". They got popular enough that the developers of "Necrofection Z" (not us) created an emblem item that they gave the founders of The Elk. They could use it to mark certain outfits with there logo.

The Elk created a network of scout that could monitor large parts of the map. They used three separate radio channels to communicate at a distance. 316 was their general channel, 311 was for emergencies and aiding other members, and 645 was their public channel where anyone could contact them.

The Elk had a system in place to actually train new players in combat and stealth. They would have a large group of armed guards whenever the recruits would have weapons. During training The Elk had a player always watching to judge on which recruits would make good additions to The Elk. The players that weren't selected to join would be dropped off in a secret location each time so no one who previously went through the training could jump them. The Elk would try to teach three ideals into their recruits, never shoot on sight, never combat log (logging off as soon as shots are fired), and always try to help. Their goal was to prevent players from becoming bandits, and make the game world safer.

While their intentions were good, this didn't stop The Elk from gathering enemy groups. The first clan they wared with was a group of unnamed black widows (players who asked for help and then attack their helpers). The Elk started calling the group Widows and the name stuck. I didn't take long for them to clear out the Widows, as they just doubled the numbers in their scouting parties and they were able to defeat most of the Widows when the would call for help. Towards the end of the Widows many of them split off and formed a group they called the Siren. Members of Siren used similar tactics to the Widows, however they started promising rewards instead of asking for help. They also avoided The Elk as they finished off the Widows. Siren is still active and from time to time will still organize attacks.

The next group that challenged The Elk was the Headshotters. This group used only sniper rifle in an attempt to show off. They went after The Elk as a viral stunt to promote themselves. Surprisingly they were managing to win, as The Elk weren't able to prevent the Headshotters from pick off a few members before retreating. As The Elk were losing they got together a group that had found multiple exploits in the game before. They found that if you used a night vision scope during the day, when a player looks down their sight it's slightly visible. They then trained some of The Elks best sharpshooters to use this technique, and positioned them around some of the larger bases. It didn't take long for the Headshotters to retreat and stop sending shooters. Even after they gave up, a small group of Elk continued to hunt the Headshotters. They eventually found their base camp, and recorded the execution of the Headshotters leader. Posting it around the web as a comeback for all of the previous hostility.

After showing how near impossible it was to defeat The Elk, the game's community treated them on the level of a governing body. It got to the point where they even had laws that people obeyed on Haven. It was at this time an unnamed group start launching huge waves of hostiles onto some of the smaller Elk bases. The attacks had literal hundreds of enemy troops. While this became a problem quickly, this enemy stayed in the shadows and wouldn't attack the heavier Elk population servers. It was still concerning enough that The Elk started to gather a full size army. They were accepting nearly every recruit and were tripling parties that went to other servers. As this was taking place, The Elk's main base was on Haven at an airfield to the northwest that they had heavily fortified.

It seemed almost random, but one day this unknown group attack The Elk's base on Haven. The move seemed stupid at first, but it didn't take long into the attack to realize The Elk had been stretched thin by the conflict. The enemy was already advancing quickly, but they were only pushing in one direction. That changed when multiple groups of recruits turned on The Elk, scattering their units. After that it was apparent what was about to happen, The Elk had lost. It's unlikely that any Elk survived the rest of the attack (but obviously some of them did, why else would I say that?) . With most of The Elks leaders killed and banned from Haven, their infrastructure crumbled. Any cell using the name of The Elk after that point was hunted down. Many tried to continue the legacy of The Elk, but constantly being hunted made many lose their optimism.

It wasn't til long after the initial fall of The Elk, when the group that defeated took a name. They took the name The Hog.

And with that The Elk were dead.

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