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Crawling the dungeons, open maps with friends and some gameplay video footage coming very soon

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A few things we have been working on is level design and how this will work in the game, for those who do not know our game isnt really an open world/sandbox, you will be able to freely move around towns and citys, and caves and hideouts but there will be no cross country running or the ability to go anywhere at any time, this is due to an open world being very hard to create and make feel real and if not done right can be a real bore, so in our game you are sent to certain areas where you have missions and objective to fulfil, ranging from finding an murder in a town, to clearing out a bandit camp, each of these have different ways to approach them (The "murder in a town" for example you can run in there swords at the ready and not let anyone leave, cutting down anyone who seems suspicious or you can ask around and piece together who it might be, killing them quitly to not upset the villagers) and all of them have large areas to explore, we wont to avoid our game just being called a dungeon crawler and we hope that we can avoid this by offering openness to levels. While a sandbox would be nice right now we just don't see how we could make it work in a way that feels real and fun.

Also on our minds in Co-Op/Multiplayer this is something we have wanted to include for pretty much the whole of development the ability to have 4 friends all go through a cave together each with a different job to do, currently we are trying to look in to ways to do co-op without it just being 4 players going through the single player, we are planning on having a few co-op only mission that feature large amount of enemies and the need for more then one class to get through them, the sort of mission that requires a little team work (Also trying to avoid it just being 4 times the amount of enemies)

For people requesting some gameplay footage your in luck we plan to release a 2 hour long play through of our tutorial mission and opening mission with the whole team talking about the game in our 24 hour livestream for charity on the 30th of June (more info on that to come)


wow this game sounds so promising!!

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