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The massive ship is not the first of its kind to grace the black. To our knowledge, it is in fact the tenth!

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The EXO Series

Exo Exit Flagship Exploration Class

While it is not common knowledge among the Exo Exit’s civilian population, this massive ship is not the first of its kind to grace the black. To our knowledge, it is in fact the tenth.

Despite varying greatly in size and design, each member of the Exo series shared the singular purpose of finding and colonising habitable worlds, purely through the use of its own power and the skill of its crew. Often travelling for multiple decades at a time to facilitate this task, spreading human influence to the furthest reaches of accessible space.

Due to the corruption of our records we are unable to say for certain how much of the frontier was established thanks to the Exo series. But current estimates stand at a surprisingly high 44%.

What follows is a brief account of each ship commissioned for the Exo series.

  1. Exo Alpha: The first and longest-serving of the entire series, designed Dr Bartholomew Morgan some time in the mid 28th century. The Exo Alpha was the largest ship of its time, containing space enough for a total of twenty thousand crew and colonists, as well as facilities needed to maintain such a large population over a prolonged voyage. Over its long career, the Alpha took part in the founding of at least forty separate colonies and was one of only a few human vessels to survive the destruction of earth. Too large and old to be maintained with current resources, the Exo Alpha was retired in 33AE on the orders of Admiral Kimberly Richards.
  2. Exo Beta: Dr. Morgan’s short lived second addition to the series. Successful in its early years, joining its sister vessel in colonial terraforming efforts. An overly ambitious design meant that despite being superior to the Alpha, it require more than three times the power function. Stripped down to basics, the Beta was soon sold off to a private company, after which all records of the ship cease.
  3. Exo Solar: Little is known about the Solar except that it was the first of the series to be designed without the help of Dr Morgan. Likely due to the failure of the Beta.
  4. Exo Galactic: The longest-ranged member of the series ever constructed, until the commissioning of the Exo Ultimate almost a hundred years later. It was instrumental in the creation of multiple far flung colonies, several of which would later go on to form the New American Alliance.
  5. Exo Genesis: No computer records survive about Genesis. However, some Daeva are of the belief that the Exo Genesis was involved in the development of some of their earlier models. Data to corroborate this has yet to be recovered.
  6. Exo Morgan: Another vessel about which little is known, though it is thought to have been named for the late Dr. Bartholomew Morgan.
  7. Exo Commonwealth: Commissioned during the controversial 30th century, this ship is most famous for its destruction during the “Days of Blood”. When an Orna Daeva, designated TC078930, crashed the vessel into the city of Berlin, killing more than 23,000,000 people. Further details on this event have been classified.
  8. Exo Berlin: Many stories have circulated about this vessel, even before the attacks. One account suggests the Berlin was taken by pirates during the 2nd Commonwealth/New American War. Another claims it was the largest ever vessel to be consumed by a black hole. One even claims that the ship survived the attacks and has since been tailing the Exo Exit in secret for an unknown purpose. The only confirmed detail is the origin of its name, chosen in honour of the Berlin tragedy during the “Days of Blood”.
  9. Exo Ultimate: Completed only a year before the Exo Exit, the Ultimate was often nicknamed the Exo Daeva for its almost purely Daeva crew and its incorporated facilities designed for further Daeva production. Records state that the Ultimate was tasked with creating a colonial outpost in the most distant parts of the galaxy, but that contact was lost with the vessel eight months after its departure. There is some debate over the Ultimate’s final fate and some hold out hope that the Exit’s sister ship still survives somewhere out in the black.
  10. Exo Exit: The newest and most advanced of the Exo series, the Exo Exit was built for an extended survey of the outer frontier, under the command of then-Captain Kimberly Richards. When the attacks began the Exit was performing engine tests in the Oort Cloud and was forced to flee with only half its require crew into deep space. Returning to Sol less than two years ago by the order of Admiral Richards. To our knowledge the Exo Exit is the last remaining Capital Class vessel remaining to mankind and the home to more than 90% of it’s remaining population.

Come check out the Exo Exit site and learn more about this unique science fiction Universe!

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