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Not much to say here. Basically, I've gotten the resolution issue I've had since the summer fixed, and now I can start work on the actual game. Note: For any excited Mac and Linux Users, I'm just saying how I will work with your platforms in the far future. (WINE may work.) Sorry.

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The Progress
So, It's been a while since I've worked on this game. In that time I've been busy with school, so that's left me busy. (I have been learning Java!) However, I figured out a solution to my resolution problem! Well, more precisely, I thought of a better way to Google the problem, this time actually finding some results. For the record, I got my information from these two links:

The Technical Bits

I did have to modify this of course as I didn't want the game auto-setting the resolution. (Though I had been thinking for a while of making it so that the game can do this if the player doesn't know what "resolution" even means.) Also, I needed it to not interfere with following the main player, while still being centered on itself. I achieved this by setting the last value, which tells what to follow, to an object I created called "follow." When the object "Player" exists, it sets it's X and Y to the Player's X and Y, therefore it will center there. If the Player object does not exist, it simply won't move and I place it centered where I want it. Problems solved!

The Future
Now what am I going to do? Well, now that the engine is finished, I'm going get to start working on the graphics, and the game play!
On another note, I have been playing with Linux and have actually started to make it my default OS, therefore, I am sympathetic toward Linux Users... So, I'm going to see if I can get the game working on Wine/Play on Linux. As far as compatibility for a Mac, I'd need the money to buy not only Game Maker Studio, but also that to buy an actual Macintosh. So, if the game is popular, I can do that. But that's looking way ahead.

Well, I have the engine out of the way. (Oh, I do have to save the settings so that you don't have to enter them every time, but I'll do that later.) So, now I can make the game actually a game and not just a player who can walk around a background with a house like I have now. So, stay tuned!

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