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This time we improve challenge in our very first attempt to balance difficulty.

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The Difficulty Update

- Movey (red) now has a speed boost when the player is in line of sight
- Chasey (purple) now has a speed boost when close to the player
- Chasey has a 2 second cooldown after chasing the player
- Added emotions to the enemies to show these boosts
- Added orange spinner blades which move fast and then slow
- Removed the dirt edge around flipper panels to make them more hidden
- Made spinnerblades spin based on location to the edge of the map to make them easier to get past
- Made launchers not spawn close to eachother as often
- Various changes to how level generation determines and sets difficulty on a level
- Sorted levels from easiest to hardest
- Added more protips to explain the new traps
- Made it so the first time you lose to a trap it gives you a tip about it
- New Game now resets difficulty so you get easier levels
- The mouse cursor now hides after 3 seconds of unuse
- Added a back button to the game mode selection screen

- Made the level generation understand ice traps when checking for completable maps
- Fixed a few game side bugs like parenting that didn't effect gameplay
- Fixed a bug where buying multiple new skins would result in showing only the first one
- Fixed an issue where difficulty wouldn't increase over time
- Fixed a few stamps that weren't working
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the notecard wouldn't de-spawn after death
- Addressed a few issues dealing with quitting challenge mode and returing to regular mode

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