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The demo's progress is coming well, and some information about the structure of the game.

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[TL;DR] The demo is coming soon. The game and Demo are short, replayable and not linear.

Demo's progress
The demo has been working on for almost 2 weeks, in a few days the work on the demo will be fully implemented but it doesn't mean that is going to be finished. I'm going to do some playtest for some time and get the scripts on English and Spanish fully proof read, after that and if there aren't any bugs or playtester complaints I'm going to consider it finished and I'm going to upload it so you can get a little tease about the full game.

Questions about the Demo
What is it about?

The demo is a "dream sequence" where you learn the ropes of how the "real world" works. It comprises the tutorial part, some combat tests, and an Astral zone where you can interact with other characters. The Demo is meant to give you a glimpse of the game's choices and characters.

How much time will take me to finish a run of the Demo?

If you don't care about the mystery zone then It would take a little over 5 minutes. But with the mystery zone it would be much more. The Demo is short as it is meant to be replayed, it would be like the main game. You can read more on the structure of the game part below to understand better what I mean.

Did you change the visuals?

Yes and no, I changed the UI as you probably saw (but there is a toggle to change it back) and I gave me a little more freedom for the things I can do with the art.

When is going to be released?

I don't want to announce a release date for the demo, but please be on the look out for the following weeks.

ADios' structure
I want to talk a little about ADios' structure as it's not a linear game, you're going to have a main objective to do and there are going to be some "side quests" too. When you finish the "Tutorial" section you're going to be free to go where you want, if you want to end the main quest and end the game without interacting with the characters or if you want to postpone the main quest and interact with the characters instead is your decision.

ADios is not meant to be a long experience, but is meant to be a replayable one. According to the things you do, certain characters have a different outcome in their story (If you interact with them and not just do the main quest), I want to encourage you to see these character's reactions to the things you do.

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