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We just updated the game. The EA v4.4 update is now available. It focuses on a new mecha, the final cinematic, translations and many optimizations/fixes.

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The new mecha

A new mecha is now available: the deer mecha. As always, it has two variants: a head attack and a charging attack from the distance. It can only be found in the ice island.

Final cinematic, translations and more

Finally the game has an ending cinematic, which concludes the story.

The game is now translated in German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish and Russian.

There have been a lot of optimizations and fixes. The game should run better on a low-end computer and feel more fluid on a high-end computer.

Here is the full log file for this update:

New features
translation in German, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Spanish, Russian
ending cinematic
deer mecha for the ice biome
gamepad walk capacity
several ambient sound effects
skipping cinematics timer
ship warning state when energy is low
elevator light indication when impossible to go down
loading percent indicator

Updated features
activating a beacon is done using the drone and attracts near enemies
improved weapon sight. Sight is colored depending on the target
window mode is now fully re-sizable (with window dragging)
storm system stays now at a zero level for a few minutes
air ionier glow is stronger. Can be seen through fog
beacon model and activation system. The drone activate the beacon. Echos are attracting ennemies nearby.
improved graphics of the sky (above clouds)
improved map rendering speed when using the spaceship
improved water effects
weapon sight icon is different when the taser is selected
map indication cursor automatically removed when near
leader mecha does not own extra shield bars anymore
improved desert lighting
getting closer from the tornado deals more damage
no need to interact with station dock or weather controller screen for tempest reduction. Done automatically when near
hacking a mecha does not restore its shield anymore
title logo
ship piece search areas are only displayed if the island has been unlocked

performance optimization
faster loadings
impact bomb behavior. It now follows the camera aiming point and has a visible trail
item selection indication when using ship
some not well aligned texts
UI blinking issue during dialogs
ionizer collider
bird behaviour
cliff rocks blocking some access
sliding acceleration issues
gamepad crafting elements navigation
gamepad skipping some dialogs made the player jump
gamepad issues during ship landing
map popping at first loading
ship indications not instantly removed after landing
lightning cloud alignement (sometimes floating in the air)
can unlock ship piece before unlocking the ship
scrolling within ingame menu changing weapon selection
inventory accessible during dialogs
dying without saving can sometimes spawn you dead
screen interface image
drawning sound issue
indication popup while aiming letting the player stuck in the aiming position
station dock antenna collider
walk animation while aiming stucked after item selection or menu pause
gamepad menu issue when removing saving slot
drone weird behaviour if not hacked and the player goes in the station
main menu graphical bugs if a save file is corrupted
no inventory full warning when picking up a resource
add weather controller icon near to lost spaceship
no more saving lag thanks to asynchronous saving
player animation issue when using ship and accessing ingame menu
sky lift door indications inverted
cloud rendering issue with some graphics cards
too many mecha teleportations when having 4 hacked mechas
some menu UI elements behing ingame UI elements
UI elements over the tame minigame

PS: as we announced previously, we are now working on the final release update, which will come out on October 21.

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