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Post news RSS The Darkest Words 1.0 is finally released!

Many improvements have been made since the last version. A bunch of new scares and new designs for the mansion have been added! Also, many bugs and glitches are now corrected!

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The Darkest Words 1.0 is finally released!

Here are the many issues corrected as well as new stuff added:

*The missing textures for some items is now corrected

*Flashing blood on the ground is no longer… flashing

*Easter egg room is now locked! xD

*Enemy at the end runs away and/or stands and does nothing. This has been corrected by replacing him with a new and terrifying enemy! :)

*Objectives: Notes have been added to get a better feel of the story you can try to put together, but solving your way out is left to you! The unknown objectives will flow much more smoothly now as well

*Finally use the "E" button to open doors and Ctrl to crouch!

*Many annoying in game texts are removed.

*New scares added!

*The Mansion’s design has been altered in many ways

*The random frame drop at the stairs is finally gone and the game shouldrun very smoothly now J

Hope you enjoy! If there are any further bugs or glitches I missed, be sure to tell me so that I can immediately address it. Your feedback is appreciated!

Thank you!

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