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Obsidian Prince just released and it's a real pearl of a game. Filled with dad jokes and witty humour, if you enjoy games like Slay the Spire or Forager, you'll love this gem.

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For the past six months our team at Gameclaw Studio have been working alongside an amazing couple located in Sweden developing this pearl of a game. It's cute, fun, strategic and filled to the brim with 'Dad' jokes. If you're a fan of turn based strategy, roguelikes, RPGs and deck building (with a heavy dose of witty-corny humour) you'll LOVE this game.

Take a look at the new snazzy trailer and see for yourself. It's just entered Early Access with a good chunk of the campaign and challenge mode ready to be played. Our studio has been excited for months to finally get this into the hands of our players and watch them enjoy it as much as we do!

The game also has a vibrant and welcoming community on Discord, and of course, everyone is welcome! Just click here and find out for yourself!

For one week starting on the 29th April the game will be 20% off! Now is a good chance to snatch a copy for yourself. You can also put it on your wishlist and wait for the next sale opportunity. You can Click here to view it on steam.

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Let me tell you a little bit about it...
You equip and train your heroes, delve into various dungeons, complete quests, unlock new areas and build your settlement and laugh your way through the entire process. The combat is also quite challenging, each turn you need to choose wisely as each action has a cost and consequences. As well as the charming nature of the game there is also some serious challenge behind it as well!

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As you progress through this fun and charming world I dare you to stop and read some of the descriptions and dialog, it'll leave you doubled over in laughter. The wonderful couple/masterminds behind the development for this game are also as funny and adorable in real life as well (seriously, they're incredible people).

If you're interested in fun and witty deck building rogue-likes and RPGs, now's your chance!
Also feel free to jump onto the game's official Discord and speak to the devs (or us) in person!

See you soon! :)

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