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This project is going to be one hell of an endurance of patience and work, but once it is completed it will be absolutely amazing. We sure will need a lot of help.

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RESTARTING DEVELOPMENT! After much debate as to whether or not to return to the Amnesia community I assumed it would be a magnificent idea and basically said, "Fuck it," and jumped right back into developing the mod that was once forgotten. Currently I am developing this on my own, but I am looking for any aspiring 3D Modelers to jump on board and assist me in the recreation of this glorious game! This means enemies, static objects, entities, you name it, I am more prone towards people that can model humans though because I can do static based entities amongst other things, but when it comes to creating living breathing things I fall short. Anyways with that being said development is restarting as I am currently recreating the Police station hall right now detail for detail.

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