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Safe cracking, guns, explosion effects, and other cool guy stuff is added in the latest 1.22 release of Broke Protocol: The Cracking Update.

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The Cracking Update Release

This update is for the boys, and by that, I mean the men. Safe cracking, guns, explosion effects, and other cool guy stuff is added in the latest 1.22 release of Broke Protocol. Normally I would say something about how this is the biggest update yet here. And by number of lines in the changelog, it is in fact pretty big. In a numerical sense. Let’s get cracking.

Functional Safe Cracking Minigame


Locked inventories up till now were perpetual enigmas. Impenetrable boxes of mystery polygons. What were in them what are the economic implications of old Halloween candy lost in time? In 1.22, now every chest, safe, and ‘junk drawer’ can be lockpicked with a small new minigame. Get a Lockpick from the Pawn Shop and you can now test your ingenuity against a bad programmer’s imitation of Skyrim lockpicking. You still get a Robbery crime on entry though, even cracking into a lowly Level 1 apartment chest. You’ve been warned.

New Inventory Handling


All the chests, cases, and safes in apartments and other interiors can be cracked. The standing safe from the bank vaults is now available in your IKEA catalogue too. Safe cracking difficulty is determined by the value of the safe contents – it’s still not that hard though so don’t cry about it. Unless you’re colorblind – then it’s Nightmare mode because I didn’t have the foresight to think about that.

New Weapon and More Modding Features


The P90 is finally here courtesy of Xweert123 winning the Modding Competition. It really does look cool and is the first bullpup design added to the stock arsenal. You’ll see some changes to effects like lighting and smoke puffs for silenced/flash hidden weapons. The whole effects system was rewritten for optimization and now supports custom effects for projectile weapons too.

Gun Handling Changes


Guns are more steady overall when firing and aiming down sights. They’re definitely more controllable on mobile too. Their bullets actually reach visibility range now, and they no longer shoot leisurely nerf balls. Gun are actually deadly now, even if you’re aiming with your thumbs on a Guatemalan phone, through 5G wireless Covid airwaves, while huffing chemtrails. I wish gaming kill montages on YouTube were popular again. Does anyone even read these things?

Other Changes


You’ll see a few more cool effects like skid marks in this update. Damage indicators are also new so you’ll at least know where the aimbotting AI is shooting from. Czech language translations are available now thanks to Jakub K. Also you can now invite friends on Steam with a direct server link you can copy from the server browser.

Also fun fact, BP is back for all Android Players on the Play Store. With some useful control changes and major optimizations too. So please get it from there and leave a review if you’d like me to continue to improve that release.


Here’s the full v1.22 changelog:

v1.22 Cracking Update Changelog

  • New Lockpicking Minigame for cracking safes and chests
  • Minor Hacking Minigame visual updates (UI masking)
  • New LineGraphic, QuadGraphic, CircleGraphic UI Classes
  • Added Xweert123’s Modding Competition FN P90 Submachine Gun
  • New directional hit markers
  • GameSource Damage events now receive more useful parameters about the source
  • Increased all gun ranges to visible limit (256 units)
  • Mobile joysticks now floating and reset correctly on death
  • More logging on server quit
  • Added Faster ShellThrown variant for Fighter jets to use
  • Inventory count/chance defaults in World Builder changed from 0 to 1
  • Update to latest CEF framework
  • Improved CEF performance, threading, cleanup, and input handling
  • Updated CEF example index.html
  • New ‘inventoryType’ Enum (replaces hasInventory, shop, lockable fields)
  • Removed ‘Safe’ Class of items (use Entity with Locked inventoryType)
  • All chests/cases in Apartments are now ‘Locked’ type
  • Large Safe added to Furniture items
  • New entity methods: HasInventory, Shop, InApartment, CanView, CanCrack
  • Removed svManager.fixedPlaces (due to cleaner InApartment implementation)
  • Removed svManager.payScale (handled fully in GameSource now)
  • New GameSourceEvents: PlayerCrackStart, PlayerMount, PlayerDismount
  • All Transports have some air control now (moddable orientStrength Property)
  • Wheel colliders interact with physics objects and props now
  • Time-sliced map processing for much faster and smoother level loading
  • New Czech(CZ) language option (thanks to @Jakub K.)
  • Using new ObjectPool system to clean up and reuse effects
  • Thrown objects now support a customDestroyEffect (old mods need reconfiguration)
  • Hitscan items now support a customFireEffect
  • Fixed destroyed cars often not exploding
  • Minor player capsule and origin tweaks
  • Added tire skid mark effects
  • Fixed calculations for skidding effects/sounds
  • Fixed bounds calculation for scaled mods
  • Fixed rendering bugs for clothing mods if offset or scaled wrong
  • Underbarrel initialization fixes and new laser effect
  • Muzzle flashes now emit a Light Source
  • Flash Hider and Silencer use a new SmokePuff effect (no light)
  • Improved sight picture for ACOG
  • Sights are much more stable when firing
  • Gun muzzle velocities increased 50%
  • Fixed missing hit effects when shooting some items
  • Additional hitscan checks to prevent throwing/firing stuff through walls
  • Fixed Speedboost collider center
  • Fixed mesh errors on Station buildings
  • Fixed rare server exception during player loading
  • Added range checks on door entry (GameSource)
  • Fixed seating offset on many Chair objects
  • Fixed many translations thanks to Community edits
  • Fixed many null checks for engine compatibility/safety
  • Mobs can properly place a lot more items than before (TVs, etc)
  • Item mods no longer need an unused BoxCollider (bounds calc’d at runtime)
  • AssetBundle loading cleaned up with fewer disk reads/writes
  • Added error handling check during AssetBundle loading
  • Fixed Destructible modding (use new DestructibleProperties script)
  • Removed BrokeProtocol.Prefabs namespace (just use BrokeProtocol.Entities)
  • Added vanilla game Destructibles to BPResources
  • Fixed skybox jittering at high speed
  • Fixed sky elements rendering in front of objects
  • Cache files now checksummed for corruption (broken downloads, etc)
  • Properly handle empty map files
  • Owned vehicles are no longer despawned if abandoned
  • Emergency vehicle sirens reset on destroy/spawn
  • Thrown items have collision with owner re-enabled after 1 second
  • Player hitbox is disabled when inside HideInterior transports
  • Fixed ResetOriginal() AI Error if destination Transform had been destroyed
  • World Builder: Snapping enabled by default
  • Fixed object leak when canceling server join
  • Server favorites/history data moved from registry to persistent.json
  • Added Stop button to Server Browser
  • Added -connect ip:port command line support for direct connect at startup
  • Direct Connect menu uses ip:port format to match command line now
  • Added Localhost.bat to connect locally as an example
  • Copy Connection Link to clipboard option (Thanks @xiluis and @james121op)
  • Updated Steamworks libraries and optimized integration
  • Added /CloudHeight command and data to environment packet
  • Optimized and fixed some multi-threaded Jobs not running in parallel
  • TextPanel Dropdown no longer destroyed if new TextPanel has identical options
  • Increased voice chat bitrate, resampling quality, and buffer size
  • Hitman Bounty List accessible to all players, can now Cancel offline Bounties
  • Easier recoil control on mobile
  • Minor code cleanup and optimizations
  • Updated Game Engine to 2021.2

See you!


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