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Building is one of the core features of GearStorm and key to survival. There are a wide variety of objects the player can build with from the building materials, including: battlements, bridges, doors, garages, lights, walls, and more.

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First the player must obtain a build gun to build anything. The build gun is the Exomarine's ‘Swiss Army Knife’, a truly multi-purpose molecular reorganizer, used for digging, resource gathering, and building.


Archon Industries 960-E Matter Reintegrator "BuildGun":


Once the player has their BuildGun, they need to gather resources to begin building. The player can check what materials they need to build an item by clicking on it in the BuildGun menu. Get to the BuildGun menu by equipping it and the "q” key.

Build Gun Menu:


If the player has the resources, they are going to want to build a "Core" first. The Core is the first thing the player has to build for a base or city and it tracks and maintains all the built items in the Core radius. Without a Core, the player cannot build most structures.

Customizing a Vehicle:
Once the player has built a vehicle, they can customize the armor, engine, camo, and weapons. Park the vehicle on any vehicle factory pad and use the context configuration menu key (default “f”) to activate the configuration menu for the player vehicle. A new option called “vehicle lab”, that opens up the vehicle lab for customizing the player vehicle:
Once in the vehicle lab the player can manufacture weapons and mods for the player vehicle and
switch them out.


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