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The clans are back, or are they??! The 2.12 update is out with many changes, check it out!

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We are thrilled to announce that the update 2.12 is out. We hope you enjoy the new stuff and also we are fixing some old bugs:

- Referrals! Now you can invite up to 5 friends (in a period of 6 months), and they will start with a Premium account for 7 days. Once they reach level 50 you can claim the referral and earn 7 days of Premium as well! If you wait for them to get to level 100, then you will get in addition 100 Kakele Coins. If you wait for them to get to level 200, then you will get in addition 500 Kakele Coins!

- We are introducing Community Managers in the game! They will be able to help players in the Help chat, kick out and even mute the bad actors. You will be able to see them on chat when their name starts with "CM ", and their color on chat is a different one

- Speaking of chats, we reverted the language specific chats to have just the "Map", "Help" and "Trade" chats for now (there are too many languages to cover and we don't want people to feel left out)

- Minimap help! Some NPCs and quests will show up in the minimap, helping players to find where to go

- Fishing and collecting fruits! You will be able to collect fruits from trees and fish in the ocean. Finding the fishing rod is a challenge though ;) This new type of map actions will open an endless range of possibilities for cool stuff in the future!

- Auto-walk on click! You can revert to the classic mode using the toggle button below the follow button

- New anti-lure system for the PvE servers: monsters outside of their respawn will not attack players that have not engaged in combat with them (area spells will hit any player though). Lured monsters will disappear if they don't engage in combat for 30 seconds

- New quests and monsters! Check out the Wiki for some of the new content and some rebalancing!

- We have added the notion of item rarity in the Wiki, each item has a color representing their rarity (rarities were a thing but not yet published in the Wiki), check it out! We have also balanced some of the items because of that

- Casting haste will remove any slow debuff, for all vocations and haste spells

- Summons are smarter now. They will be recalled to you (as if they are born again) when they go out of reach

- A slightly tweak to the speed formula, to make lower levels (1-50) to walk faster

- Some tweaks to the events to make them longer and not so hard (hello Satan!)

- We have lowered the number of points for most of the daily rewards

- Name locking: players with bad names will be name locked and will be able to change their name for free. If they repeatedly change their name to a bad name they will be banned

- Name changing will now cost 500 Kakele Coins

- Many tweaks to the client UI, new icons and a new logic to choose the best screen size for your device. Let us know how it works for you! Also let us know if you would like to see a change to the interface that makes the game experience better! We are making improvements each update!

- New outfit and now some outfits will cost Kakele Coins (those who have them will keep it)

- You may notice that NPCs walk now. We are trying each update to add more 'life' to the Kakele world :)

- Kakele Coins will now show when they will be available for trading

- The scrolls now have a minimum level to use. Speaking of scrolls, many players were abusing the rejoin server as a free teleport to the temple. You will need to wait 1 hour offline to change servers. We don't want players abusing that and also hopping servers for events and bosses. Choose a server and stick to it please

- Holding a hotkey will now keep repeating the action like on Desktop. This is configurable in the advanced options so that you can revert to the classic way of "inspecting" the object in the action instead

- Re-selecting an item will be more natural now, as before you had to unselect and then select an item

- Light and name color shop!! This is a totally cosmetic feature, for those that want to support us further, they can use 100 Kakele Coins to change their name color or the light emitted by their characters ingame!

We have also heard your feedback about PvE vs PvP servers. We are not changing anything for this update because there is not enough time to implement any changes, but we will think about this for the next one. Currently Kakele works as a universe only, there are several servers due to geographic and resource limitations and to separate PvE from PvP. We are not saying that this cannot change, we just want to consider if this modality of a "unique universe" can be more interesting in the long run, as it was the original idea since Kakele inception. On the other side of the coin would be the idea that a lot of people have suggested because of other games influence, where you have "parallel universes" and each server is a separate universe. There is a lot to consider here and it isn't an easy decision, so be patient for now until we hash this out.

We also wanted to share that we are looking into the iOS game app. There are some challenges still to be solved, but rest assured we are working on it!

In other not so great news, the world is facing a lot of trouble right now. We wanted to express our support for race equality (#blacklivesmatter), and we are here to try to make the best and fun experience in Kakele for everyone. With that being said, we will not tolerate racist comments, and we will ban racist comments in our game or other social network controlled by us. For other bad behaviors on chat (outlined in our game rules), we will be muting the bad actors for some hours to days, and if it is a recurring thing we will ban them. If you notice such behavior, send a direct message ingame to one of our CMs or a message on Discord for them to verify such statements. Be kind to your fellow Kakelian as everyone is here to have fun, right?

We want to thank everyone that has been helping us to get this game off the ground! In special, this time we want to thank everyone that has been making videos for Youtube and Twitch! Here is a list (in alphabetical order):

If you are making videos about Kakele and you are not on this list please shoot us an email to contact@kakele.io so we can include you as well. On our Discord we can give you the 'streamer' role so you can post your videos there too.

Don't forget to tag your videos with #kakele so it is easier to find it! I also want to let you know that we have a Kakele Twitch game page that you can tag your videos with: Twitch.tv Like this video:

Lastly, we want to remind you that sharing accounts and selling accounts is against the game rules. We will start launching investigations when necessary to find these players and ban them permanently.

See you ingame,
The ViVa team

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