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This article tells about the characters in the series.

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Main Characters:

SCP-1903 John Shockson
First appearance: 1-1
Demon Animal: Dragon
Age: 20-27
Main element: Ice
Side elements: Electric, Fire
Expert Powers: Ice, Electric, Fire, Gravity, Water, Grass, Dark, Healing, Teleportation, Time, Demon, Root
Species: Demon
Gender: Male

Origin Jessica Renolde Shockson (Wife of SCP-1903)
First appearance: 1-3
Demon Animal: Fox
Age: 19-26
Main element: Fire
Side element: Dark
Expert Powers: Fire, Dark, Healing, Dark, Gravity, Teleportation, Demon
Species: Demon
Gender: Female

SCP-1903-B Micheal Shockson
First appearance: 1-1
Demon Animal: Cheetah
Age: 20-27
Main Element: Demon
Side Element: Fire, Ice
Expert Powers: Ice, Electric, Fire, Gravity, Water, Grass, Dark, Healing, Teleportation, Time, Demon
Species: Demon Elemental Hybrid
Gender: Male

Raven (Wife of SCP-1903-B)
First appearance: 1-4
Demon Animal: Mountaion Lion
Age: 17-24
Main Element: Dark
Expert Powers: Demon, Teleportation, Gravity
Species: Demon Devil Hybrid
Gender: Female

Raeleigh Caleb Shockson
First appearance: 1-2
Demon Animal
Age: 19-26
Main Element: Electric
Side Element: Dark
Expert Powers: Demon, Dark, Electric, Gravity, Time
Species: Demon
Gender: Male

Charmanter Shockson
First appearance: 1-2 (cameo)
Age: 2-9
Main element: Ice
Side element: Fire, Transformation
Expert Powers: Ice, Fire, Transformation, Water, Gravity, Fire, Teleportation
Species: Demon Salamander, SCP-939 with eyes (In Transformation Mode)


SCP-1903 is very attractive to most female's, and even more attractive because of his strength, he is married to a very hot demon by the name of Origin Shockson, and he has 28 kids, 2 died, he only takes care of 2, the rest of the kids are token care of his brother, Raeleigh. SCP-1903 doesn't like someone stealing something that belongs to him, for a example, a sandwich. SCP-1903 always has nosebleed's whenever he sees a naked women (or one of their private parts), but he is very intelligent.

Origin is very friendly, most men is attracted to her, he doesn't really like to wear clothing, but instead of being naked, she wears very thin clothing, but it's not thin enough to see through. She never wears a shirt, she only wears a thin bra.

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