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Post news RSS The CHAOS F.A.Q is now online !

Here are several questions about CHAOS and our answers! If you do not find the answer to your questions in the FAQ, do not hesitate to ask, we will answer you very soon.

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1. Where can I buy the game ?
Only cloud version, presumably via Steam, Desura and other specialists platform.

2. What is the objective of a game ?
Explore a random dungeon infested with undead and darkspawn of Chaos, and prevent them from destroying the Crystal in the allotted time. You will overcome all levels of difficulty and the challenges that lie before you.

3. How long is a game ?
This depends on how many levels deep of the dungeon. Currently we are on an average of 1 hour per level of depth in Normal mode and in a group of 4 players. It is clear that a donjon having a plurality of depth levels in Hard mode will be a challenge for several hours.

4. How will be the PvP ?
All this is still at the concept stage but we expect a range of modes of fairly large game, capturing a fort, scripted battle in the streets of Fort Merals ... The ideas are endless! But it is too early to present anything. Be patient !

5. There will be scripted events ?
We want to introduce scripted events during the exploration of the dungeon. This can be a trap, a creature that crosses a wall and falls on you, a puzzle to be solved or the organization of the defense of a dungeon room. We return to this subject when we have to present concrete examples.

6. Will there be a CASHSHOP ? A subscription ?
There will be no subscription required to play. If CASHSHOP is not entirely excluded (for aesthetics only), it is currently not planned.

7. How much will cost the game ?
We should propose Chaos less than 10 €. We are currently in relation to major distributors of such games and we will take their advice to the final price.

8. What place has the Craft ?
The craft is an important aspect of Chaos because it will offer a new vision of this aspect often enjoyed in a video game. Remember that the equipment is fully and irremediably destructible, we introduce the concept of "turning the equipment than consumable."
In other words, the player will have a choice in how to equip: by buying equipment to dealers, by getting on the creatures or quest rewards, or to make himself. This last option allows greater control over its equipment and the direction we want to give his character. We should be able to present our concept in the coming weeks.

9. Will the stuff change visualy ?
Only weapons change visual appearance depending on their type, their characteristics and their rarity. You can then change the skin of your character by buying at the appropriate merchant.

10. What Chaos has more than a Hack'n'Slash like Diablo for example ?
First, Chaos is not really a Hack'n'Slash due gameplay and camera position, close to the character and floating, enabling a fully 3D exploration. Then we do not offer a series of dungeon connected by a storyline, as does Diablo for example. Chaos offers parts, bounded in time by a goal and a kind of stopwatch. The focus is not really on the history but rather on the renewable nature of the games, also on the leveling of the character through the equipment, the SkillBook and Codex of Bravery (more information forthcoming).

11. Will there be a public beta ?
In theory yes, public, not "Open". We will select a limited number of players to better control the quality aspect of their returns. All times, we did not date yet to be announced. It's better to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be selected! ;)

12. How many classes ?
At its release, Chaos will include 5 playable classes, totally different and complementary. We plan to add more classes later (via updates) to provide a greater choice of synergy in groups of players.

13. How many active spells on a classe ?
We wanted a range of short and effective skills. Each class will have therefore 6 active skills. We also opted for specialist classes (not hybrid classes), to create a true synergy between the group members. Remember that each skill can be modified through the Book of skills that will act on 5 different aspects of a skill such as scope, time, power, but also in adding effects which was not originally triggered like a flash that can stun the target provided you have unlock the modifier in the Book of Skills.
So, according to the player choices and modifiers that have unlocked everyone can adapt its class to his playing.

14. How many types of weapons ?
Each character can carry three to four types of weapons on the ten proposed in Chaos. Each type of weapon is then enriched with several visual depending on the rarity and the power of the weapon. This also applies to weapons manufactured, with the difference that the player may choose, under certain conditions, to add a particular visual effect on his weapon (fire, lightning, proc, etc..).

15. How many ennemies ?
Now, the forces of Chaos have 10 models of creatures.

16. How many dungeons ?
At the release of Chaos, we will propose a single randomly generated dungeon at each new game. We plan to add more dungeons with a unique architectural style, a bestiary and various quests in the future via updates.

17. How many kinds of quests ?
Quests can be divided into five categories: Bashing (killing a number of creatures, kill a specific character, etc..) - Craft (make a certain quality or quantity of weapons, find a recipe or find an ingredient) - History (quests that allow you to learn a little more about the background of Chaos) - Treasure Hunt (find an artifact, find the mysteries of the temple Nimde, gather a collection, etc..) - Other (everything does not fit into the above categories!)

18. Will you propose a challenge system ?
Yes. We will soon present the Codex of Bravery which propose series of challenges and heroic actions in the dungeon. This can be a feat in combat as "defeat 5 creatures at one stroke" or a feat when completing a quest like "Kill the Avatar of Chaos in less than 20 minutes in Normal mode". Each successful challenge will reward you with Influence Points, titles and many other surprises.

FAQ on our official website here.

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Very nice graphics and UI design. That Skill Book screen is beautiful!

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Thanks a lot Baszermaszer :)

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