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Here guys im here to present the first in a series of videos about our project. Please check it out =]

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Hi guys, its been a while.

Over the past couple of months we worked on our development and on creating content to present in a cool way!

Since its been a while since we post im gonna give a short overview of our project once again.


In 1921, a series of violent, ritualistic murders Shocked England.

Suspecting the involvement of the Police and of members of London´s High Society, Prosecutor Charles Hartford decided to take charge of the investigation. After gathering the testemonies from several witnesses and finally unvailing the killer´s identity, Charles was murdered in his mansion.

5 Detectives and a Constable of the RMP were then assigned an important mission: To spend a night at the mansion, gather the evidence and find out the Killer´s Identity.


The Case Of the Mansion is an Online Turn Based Murder Mystery Game.

Greatly inspired by board games, it revolves around Strategic Investigation, Deception and Survival.

With players being assigned to one of 4 different classes, each with their own objectives, they must deceive each other in order to achieve their goals.

It is a TBS like no other.


This is the first in a series of devlogs =]. Check our project out guys, some feedback would really be appreciated!

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Check our greenlight Concepts Page:


Cheers guys.

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