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New symbionts, mutation, enemies, NPC, traits, and more!

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Arboria - Bugz Update


We’re introducing Arboria’s second major update, the Bugz Update, which introduces plenty of new features, such as symbionts, mutation, enemies, and much, much more. Now grab a potion, sit back while the update downloads, and check out the full patch notes

Watch the update trailer:

New Symbionts: Hammer and Double Blade

Smash and slice your way through Durnar with new deadly weapons. Each one encourages you to adopt a different combat style.


The force and strength of every blow makes an impact. Especially against opponents.
Slow but deadly, wide hammer swings crush enemies’ bones like toothpicks.

Oh, I love da sound of crushed bug, crackyn, platyn, and spillyn gutz - music
- Mulldogg da Distortyd

Double Blade

With blades on both sides of your arm, your enemies will never feel safe. Wreak havoc amongst the creatures of Durnar while spinning fiercely.

Do you know what hurtz more dan hittyn with Yotunz blade? Hittyn with two bladez!
- Tadd da Bat

New Mutation: Launcher

Spew a stream of energy at your enemies from a safe distance.

  • Basic - shoots small projectiles
  • Alternative - shoots big projectile that deals increased damage

Yotun shoot but da godz are carryn da bulletz
- Shaman Vordagg

New usable item: Drooch

This drink causes Yotun’s speed to increase so much that everything around him appears to slow down as he shoots his enemies with lightning.

Derz nothyn like a cold Drooch after long day of gatheryn herbz
- Gromm da Stoned

New Troll traits

Die and be reborn… with new traits:

  • Weaponmaster (positive) - Increases acquisition speed of Weapon Proficiency for all weapon types
  • Only a Sip (positive) - Creates a chance that when using a potion, Yotun will not consume all of it.
  • Walking Meal (negative) - The enemy heals itself whenever he deals you a damage

New Enemies: Scorpen, Breeder, Rampart

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any harder to survive in the dungeons of Durnar, new enemies have arrived to prove you wrong. Scorpen, Breeder, and Rampart will put all you’ve learned so far to the test. Maybe you should surprise them with your new weapons or invest in new passive bonuses?

New NPC: Big Momma

Big Momma’s has reopened for clientele. Pay her a visit (and some Veri) to unlock Rata’s ultimate skills.

Arboria - Bugz Update - Big Momma Updates

Big Momma Updates:

  • Superior Interior - Increase your number of inventory slots
  • Veri Spacious Tummy - Increases the amount of Veri that will fit in one Inventory slot
  • Safe Road Home - Increases the percentage of Veri taken back to the Village by Rata after Youtn’s death
  • Veri Solid Meal - The amount of Veri gained from Crystals and Chests gets increased
  • Monsters Soup - Amount of Veri gained from Enemies is increased
  • Ultimate Fire (Inferno) - Rata unleashes a barrage of fireballs which leave behind pools of fire. All Symbiont attacks gain a certain level of Armor Penetration and Yotun receives a damage bonus for each Burning enemy
  • Ultimate Ice (Blizzard) - Rata summons a huge ice storm that slows enemies and deals Elemental Damage. Yotun gains a bonus to his current Armor value
  • Ultimate Bio (Clone) - Rata creates a Clone of Yotun that taunts enemies around it. Clones destroyed by enemy attacks explode, dealing damage and knocking enemies back.

Full changelog:

  • New Symbionts (weapons): Hammer, Double Blade
  • New Symbionts and armor tier : Chitin
  • New Mutations (skills): Launcher (in 6 Element variants)
  • New usable item: Drooch (in 6 Element variants)
  • New Troll traits: Weaponmaster (positive), Only a Sip (positive), Walking Meal (negative)
  • New enemies: Scorpen, Breeder, Rampart (each in 5 Element variants)
  • New NPC: Big Momma
  • New NPC Upgrades (Big Momma - 58, Healer - 23; Mutant - 10, Symbiont - 7)
  • More dungeon levels: IV and V
  • New quests: Trapped Warrior, Resonating Crystal
  • New Ultimate Skill of Rata (fairy)
  • Break/Resistance Rework - Each Armor type (Heavy, Medium, Light) provides different bonuses to Yotun’s Resistance while different Symbiont Archetypes have attacks with varying Break values which makes Combat more diversified
  • Titles - Yotun earns titles for grand feats made in Durnar which unlock new Traits for the next generation
  • New sounds and voice overs
  • New ceremony cutscene
  • 🍄 Rata and other characters become translucent when close to the Camera
  • New attacks for Spitter, Gargul, and Wasp
  • 🍄 Changes to the names and values of the Basic Armor Set (Yotunz)
  • Added the Basic Armor Set to Yotun’s selection screen
  • Added Shafts (working but currently locked) to Lock Room
  • Replaced Tutorial Data Pads with Blueprints
  • Grenades now deal Damage in their explosion sphere instead of dealing direct damage
  • Player is no longer invisible when using the alternative teleport skill
  • Various fixes, balance, graphical, and gameplay improvements

🍄 - Community feedback


The Bugz Update is the second major update of multiple that we are releasing on a monthly basis. The third one - the Queens Fall Update is now looming on the horizon with a brand new biome, boss, enemies, symbiont, and more!

Soon after that, you can expect the Reptilz Update. Check the full development roadmap to find out what’s planned for the future: Arboria - Roadmap of Updates.


Have you played the new update yet? Head to the comments section, Steam Discussions, or Discord and let us know what you think!

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