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Sometimes you just have to take time out of adding really cool features just to make sure what you already have works as well as it can.

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Update Fix

- Difficulty Changes:
- Levels take longer to ramp up instead of giving you hard levels early on
- The game is better at determining the difficulty of generated levels
- Changed how some traps and combinations are scored in generated levels
- Easier levels are now shorter compared to more difficult ones
- Flipper panels no longer wiggle when they un-flip
- Launcher guns shoot slower on easier difficulties and faster on hard ones
- Long logs are found more often in easy maps and likewise small on hard ones
- Added a Main Menu button to pause menu
- Added a counter to goals so you can see your progress on them
- Stopped guns from stacking their sound effect when there's multiple in an area
- Randy and Movey can now effectively use ice panels
- Made level generation happen over time as to not lag spike users as much

- Fixed a bug where you could jump between a rock and the end of the map and die
- Fixed New Game giving you the same level you had before in a row
- Fixed an issue where launcher guns would sometimes spawn incorrectly

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