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Two weeks ago, we posted a few shots from Euro Truck Simulator 2 about an upcoming truck that was covered in a camouflage wrap.

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Two weeks ago, we posted a few shots from Euro Truck Simulator 2 about an upcoming truck that was covered in a camouflage wrap. We hope that you have had as much fun guessing (granted, it was quite obvious) as we did creating the special livery.

Today, we are proud and excited to bring to you, just a day after DAF's official reveal of the New-Generation DAF trucks, the brand-new

DAF XG and XG+

The New-Generation DAF represents a new era in trucking. As DAF says, Start the Future. The new line of trucks focuses on efficiency, driver comfort, and safety. The new XG and XG+ cab is yet another revolution since DAF's previous cab was introduced in its earliest form on the DAF 95 back in 1987. DAF is literally reinventing the game with the XG/XG+, by being the first-to-market with its new super-sized cabs made possible by the reformed EU Weights & Dimensions law, which allows for truck cabs to be increased in length by up to 80cm.

A rounder and longer front overhang not only improves fuel economy, but improves driver safety in the event of a frontal collision. The increased cab space also allows for a much wider bunk and a more spacious driving position.

New to Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the introduction of optional digital mirrors replacing the conventional side, wide-angle and front mirrors. These mirrors improve side visibility as the conventional mirrors which normally create a blind-spot at roundabouts/junctions are replaced with displays that sit cleanly on the interior A-pillar. The mirrors also feature exposure correction for better night-time visibility.

Another first for Euro Truck Simulator 2 with the new DAF is its fully-digital dashboard display, or Driver Information Panel (DIP), as DAF calls it. The DIP features modern graphics and a unique design which is bound to make the truck stand out from its competitors, and make your driving experience more interesting and informative.

The New-Generation DAF is initially available in Euro Truck Simulator 2 with the XG and XG+ cab options, with the XF coming at a later date. Only the 4x2 chassis option will be available for now, as is the same with the trucks initially offered to customers.

Last but not least, we have also added a special launch paint job for the new trucks, to go with the Tuscan Yellow launch colour that you should definitely use!

We would like to thank DAF Trucks N.V., especially their marketing and design teams, for this amazing opportunity of a next-day launch of the truck for ETS2, for trusting us with all the confidential data (they even provided us with material swatches!) involved, and for assisting us along the way during the creation of the in-game truck. We hope this collaboration opens up even more opportunities with the PACCAR group and the wider trucking industry as a whole!

And finally, thank you, our #BestCommunityEver, for continuing to believe in us, for supporting us, and for being the awesome community that you are! We promise that there is more where this came from, so keep sticking around and playing our games, especially with Convoy mode around the corner!

What are you waiting for? Go take a spin in the new DAF XG/XG+ and Start the Future! Don't forget to share a screenshot or video of your new DAF XG/XG+ on Twitter or Instagram under the #StartTheFuture hashtag! Tag both SCS Software and DAF Trucks (Twitter, Instagram) and you might win something cool kindly provided from the DAF Trucks merchandise shop!

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