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The Biome update is the biggest change to Duck N' Dodge since the original release. Check it out your going to love it.

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Update Biome 1

- Added a new snow biome, unique with a new ice trap
- Added new particle effects, doodads, and textures to the tundra biome
- Changed the direction of the sun to better illuminate the enemies on the field
- Added a 2 second delay after you lose so you can see the death animation
- It's skippable with clicking or moving
- Reworked the way red enemies think about pathing, so they get stuck less
- Several changes to Level Generation
- Better detected and set the difficulty of a map
- Added more checks to make sure levels can't be blocked
- Included the ice trap to be spawned in tundra biomes

- Bullets weren't exploding when they hit players, but they are now
- Fixed the pause menu first page from not being avaliable
- Fixed an issue where logs would never generate in the first row
- Fixed several problems with stamp generation and placement

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