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The second and last part of the beginnings of Egon. ;)

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Hey guys,
I was looking for something that is not too difficult to develop. So I decided to make a self runner version of Egon.

This is an old demo. I uploaded it in order to document its development and ideas for this devlog.

The current game is going to be completely different. That is why the gameplay is not very developed. But you can make it. : P

Old demo:
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I've been trying to develop a game that could be a beautiful version of the "Impossible Game"...maybe. :P I thought it is very easy to create such a game. But the motivation was not enough, since it was not my genre.

That is why I am now working on an atmospheric adventure. I love games with storys and feelings and I learnd a lot from the developing process of the other versions. I do not know if I can put it the way I want but I'll try. ;)

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