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Hello and Welcome! This is the Beginning of WGames Studio and Studio that is made up of 5 people!

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Hey Everybody, this is Austin or James from WGames Studio.

To start off, I am proud to Announce the beginning development of Lurking in the Shadows, the full description/about page of Lurking in the Shadows can be found here, so be sure to read about that!

The beginning of this company, of course, did not start with just me; but with others like Jamie(best motivator :). They helped start and build onto what we have now just as a game development company and from the bottom of my heart, it means a lot. We can make creative things and display it through something we’re going to love, an actual good game. Not to be rude to other games of course, but there are some that just plainly suck and are frustrating. To me I see that as something that is just outright terrible, being a person who is in love with video games(as is the rest of the world). I personally feel we can go great, go big, and make something that people will enjoy, as a game developer I feel that is something I should know how to do. With the creative minds and people I have to help, I know I can introduce a ton of things I know people are going to love. I hope personally we can grow to something bigger than just 5 people, but rather much larger company that can do a ton of more work than just what there is now. Rather than developing just 1 game at a time, we can go on and develop major triple A titles and be a big competitor for those out there, be better; and develop better. This company is basically the livelihood of awesomeness to me, something that I’m gonna cherish for a long time, if we don’t go big, I know that we tried our best. We can go out with a bang, as the company that tried, but failed. We aren’t ripping off of any games, like some companies. We aren’t being a “Hey, you idiot gamer, play me and waste money for no reason.” We’re being a company that is trying it’s hardest to be something. Not just a couple of someones who are just here being dumb and developing a video game. We are gonna be that company that developed this game, an “I Love It” company. A company that people want sequel on-top of sequels and that love us for our work.

With development in progress for Lurking in the Shadows, we will be sure to listen to all players feedback, and think about the community as we continue on with our work!

With that note, I’d like to thank you all for reading, I hope you have a good day.

Bye Everyone, I’m Austin


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