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In this article we will be talking about our future ambitions as game developers. 

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This is it, we've made it! We are finally game developers, yay! Whether we can keep it up is a question for later on but anyway lets focus on the present. Today we decided to pull our heads in and follow our dreams! So... we made this "company", we intend to share the games that we will make with everyone. We can take you along the way as we mature into true indie game developers! We don't want fame or money so all our games will be free and opensource to modders. To be honest we haven't really established what kind of games we will be making since we are only experimenting with what we want and are also capable to do. Right now i'm (MommaPyro) working on a custom engine thanks to the help from this amazing website. I don't have professional experience behind me, I only have experience from some things I've done in the past... such as a crappy c++ calculator that i did in 7th grade and a c++ console battleship game but over the years I've done some much better things to do with opengl, so i guess something good could happen.

Thanks anyone who sees this! :D

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