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Been working on a game for a month or so now, starting to see it become functional so I thought I'd share guys.

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Heres a prototype version of the game, very early concept.

My goal is to have the player become a Police Officer in a simulation style game. You'll be responding to normal calls, which include robbery, theft, domestic disturbance, drunk in public, warrants, wanted persons, drunk drivers, check-points, drug dealers, drug users, the list goes on.

There will be a score system that works to punish the trigger-happy, and the plain wrong (probable cause are factors). Collecting evidence from crimes, talking to the victims for information, and conducting proper vehicle stops will all yield points and with a higher score comes rewards.

I'm a one man team, doing all the 3D modeling, coding, animating, and sounds. So cut me a bit of slack on the graphics quality. My goal is very deep depth to the game.

Stay tuned I'll be trying to post regular updates.

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