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I talk about the mods I used and the upcoming beta version.

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The mod started as a personal custom mod more than a year ago. I wasn't really satisfied with any of the mods out there, so the best solution was putting together something I would enjoy (that doesn't mean those mods are bad, just most of them are either abandoned or not exactly what I was looking for).

I started with an old version of Vickymod (a mod built on NNM) as a base, but I changed/got rid of most things, especially the pop system and the reforms - so it basically turned back into NNM with some Vickymod stuff. Of course I also fixed every bug I could find. This mod was my favorite years ago, now it's no longer in development, although there is a horribly buggy unofficial version of it on Reddit and another really arcadey one made by someone else.

At that time I also decided to check some other dead minimods to see if I can use something or if they have something I wanted to make anyway. In most cases I reworked the events and decisions to be more detailed, work differently or because they didn't work at all. Same goes for fixing/adding localisations and pictures. I checked everything and carefuly selected what I wanted to use, instead of copypasting everything like that reddit mod did. Here is a list of the mods I used:
Freedom and Chains: A lot of flavor events for American nations, especially for the CSA and Brazil. Also adds the Trent Affair for the UK intervening in the Civil War, and a possible New York secession after the draft riots if the USA is loosing really badly. Some interesting events for a victorious CSA, including socialism and communism influencing slaves, reinstalled Atlantic slave trade or Golden Circle expansion.
Gott Mit Uns: Adds a good amount of flavor events about composers, literature, scientists etc. for Germany, Austria and Italy. Also covers the Italian revolutions during the Springtime of Nations. More archeology events for Mesopotamia, Crete, Mycenae, Maya and Inca ruins. My favorite is the last one which is a minigame about finding a temple and the treasure inside (I remade it to be random).
HGC: A few flavor events for South American nations.
A Mari Usque Ad Mare: 3 flavor events for Canada.

I also took a some stuff from HPM for the same reason, mostly map related changes and decision/event pictures, some flavor decisions and events, political decisions etc. I should have made a list but I also tried to rework everything, including changing the pictures to the color scheme the game uses. I like how detailed that mod is, I recommend it for anyone who wants to follow historical accuracy.

All credit goes to Rylok, Hisuibro, Finnbro, DOB, Marco Dandolo, Sovetskysoyuz and arkhometha and whoever contributed to these mods for their awesome work. Thank you!

The first playable beta is coming very soon in the next few days, when I also reveal the name. After that, I will make some articles about the things I made and what will come in the future.

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