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The Awareness Challenge is a free distributed collaborative/competitive puzzle game played with 900+ collectible virtual cards. Sign up, collect the cards, engage with others and solve the puzzles! The Awareness Challenge is an appetizer for the upcoming launch of Project H.U.M.A.N., the first episode of the Mark Lane's Logs series.

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What is it?

The Awareness Challenge is a free puzzle-solving, clue-hunting game where 30 puzzles are split into many virtual cards (953 to be exact). You have to collect them, make sense of what you have, and solve each one of the 30 puzzles. There aren't any other clues besides those given by the cards themselves.

Card Examples

Innovative game mechanics

One of the novelty aspects here is that you have to cooperate and compete at the same time. The other is that it's actually a "distributed puzzle": no one has the complete puzzle so he/she has to interact with others to solve it, hence the "collaborative/competitive" type.

To solve the puzzles you need tools. Use the best tools for the job. You may find that many puzzles are better solved with pen, paper and scissors! Talk about going back to basics!

Besides the obvious difficulty of the puzzles themselves, you have an additional problem: Each player gets just one "starter" card. Cards usually lead to others but there are so many... how can you get the others? People unknown to you have the remaining parts of the puzzles. Find them!

The social element

Games are usually competitive, but what if you need to collaborate with your competitors? How will you balance the need to help with the desire to win?

You have to do what any other social activity demands: You have to bring others on board (automatically getting their starter cards) and you might want to trade cards, join a discussion group or try to understand what others have been doing.

You might be a good puzzle solver but you simply can’t do this alone! Find other players. Share or trade your cards. Join a team or community. Discuss. Grow! Expand!

You can play now!

Head to Dipp.cc and start playing!

Start with just one card. Then, find ways to collect more! One way is to recruit new players. Each recruited player automatically shares his first card with you.

Make sense of disconnected information. Group cards. Make logic connections. Use software or physical tools. Search the Internet for clues and answers.

But most of all, have fun!

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