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The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores is a survival strategy game where micromanaging workers health, energy, hunger, and the job can be very crucial for the survival of the settlement. Today we are going to look in detail some of the mechanics of the game which can help in survival.

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Character units & stats

  • New Character units arrive randomly in the settlement looking for shelter.
  • The player can Accept new workers or reject them.


  • Characters gain XP during the game and level up. Points can be assigned in any of the stats by player.
  • These characters following stats and 1 unique personality skill in starting of the game.

    STRENGTH: + Melee Damage
    AGILITY: + Ranged Damage
    INTELLIGENCE: + Production Speed


    Skills: Every worker has one skill by default and on every 5 levels workers gain one more skill

  • Shield-bearer - Mastered the shield.
  • Possessed - Failed to study the ancient text.
  • Perceptive - Increased chance of finding rare items.
  • Ancient Wisdom - Learnt the secret recipe of sunstone.
  • Loyal - Never becomes a thief.
  • QuickFooted - Faster walk and run speed.
  • Precision - Never miss a shot.
  • Heroic - Double damage at half health.
  • Critical Strike - Chance to do double damage.
  • HardWorking - Hardworking worker.
  • Drunk - Failed training now drinks wine instead of food.
  • Crippling Blow - Chance to disable enemy movement on strike.
  • Brute - Increased health.
  • Crippled - Took an arrow to the knee at the archery range.
  • Brave - Never flee in battle.
  • Bowman - Mastered the bow.
  • Artisan - Improved item crafting.
  • Beast of Burden - Carry one more resource in inventory.


  • Workers can be equipped with better weapons and armors

    char3 1

    The objective is to survive and manage resources to advance and thrive in your settlement. Managing these character stats, assigning them to roles based on their skills, and equipping characters with better weapons and armor and will improve the chances of survival.

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