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The First of the 3 primary new nations being added in T.E.T the aliens rely primarily on events to build up their forces, however they do have a small number of buildable units that will be unlocked through certain event chains.

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Aliens: Current features

Event Chains:

The Aliens as of now have 5 event chains each ending with a different result based on your actions.

Crash: Many of your ships are crashing your choices in this event chain may doom you pick wisely.

Invasion: This is your primary event chain it will advance the campaign as you take critical locations.

Reinforcements: Though there is no final result in this event chain it will be your primary method of obtaining the critically important Alien units you will need for this Invasion.

Infighting amongst the fleet: Part of being a great Fleet Grand Master is learning how to balance the various factions in your fleet. Make your choices carefully in this chain as it may end in mutiny.

Humans: This event chain will change your interactions with the native population, Do you make them your slaves or do you manipulating them? Be warned the Humans are smarter than they seem.


If you can keep the invasion going until the final wave of Alien reinforcements you will unlock the Mothership the slowest but most powerful air unit in HOI3:tfh


More info coming soon.


More info Coming soon

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