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The first update for my upcoming iPhone "The Adventures of Drake Johnson", along with the epic new teaser trailer I've created!

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So as you can probably tell from the images I've been chucking up, my upcoming iPhone game is coming along pretty nicely. I almost want to say that I'm impressed with myself as this is the first game I've ever made and I've had absolutely no experience with this kind of stuff before, so I'm glad with how it's looking so far.
It's almost completely finished, all I need to do now is polish off some graphics and sort out some sound effects, so I decided I'd make a teaser trailer before I create the actual gameplay trailer before I launch it. Again I had no experience with the video software, and I made it in one day, but I'm proud of how it turned out, and I'd like to know what everybody else thinks of it, so please check it out at and leave any suggestions in the comments section, or just message me. As a newbie to game design I'd really like as much feedback as possible from everyone, good or bad, so don't beat around the bush, if you think it sucks, just shout it out!!

Whilst I really hope that people enjoy my game, my favourite aspect of the time I've spent developing it is the great experience that I've taken away from it. I've always loved games, ever since my mum bought me an N64 and Goldeneye when I was 7, but I'd never really considered creating one, but after surfing the internet I found out that it's easier than ever to create one, and discovering just how games are made, and being able to create one of my own, has been really great fun, and I hope I can create more in the future.

So if you're interested at all in my journey from gamer to developer please check out blog or my facebook page, there are links on my profile page, and please send me any feedback you like!

Thanks for reading! And don't forget to keep an eye out for The Adventures of Drake Johnson!!

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