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The main genres of Mediepolys: The Land of the Timeseekers

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It past so long since the last Post, but I've been working so hard to prepare a demo of fighting. As I said in a tweet I post in my twitter account (Mediepolys) A demo of fighting in a arena i coming by the end of this year, so stay tuned!

So here are the 4 legs of my project:

1- Roguelike: It is so funny to fight against bandits, fantastic monsters and of course, kill all of them as brutal as dismembering all their parts. Take an axe or a sharped sword or whatever you find in the world, but better weapons deals with better damage. The first demo will be focused on this genere.

2- Medieval Simulator: Thinking about selling the resources you have been produced to buy others produced by medieler’s mates, it is exciting. However, this does not mean that it ends in farming.

AnimalsDom2 2


Think about creating a town from nothing and manage the resources with other medielers… in a politician party… but, do you have what it is needed to be a Governor?

3- Exploring: Every time I have the opportunity to explore until the last corner, there I am. It is exciting to think about how some pieces of maps spread around the world would brought to you to secret areas which hide singular items.


4- Survival: Just run for your life, and try not to forget about weather nor medieval plagues, it is dangerous to go out alone…

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