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Hello Everyone! You know about my accident, right? So there's some problem.

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Hey Guys!!

I know i hate hearing (reading) about my accident, and i know you don't care but anyway i have to fill the mininum character in the posts....-.-'

hehe i'm just kidding. :D (but i know you don't care about it :( :D )

Sooo i'm almost alright, but the bad thing is, i have to go back to work. Go back to do my job and work as hard as i can do to ..... so it's not important. :)

All i wanted to say, i don't know how many times i left to do the project, i have a lot of things to do with it aaaand i have a lot of idea buuut i don't have enough time and (sadly) knowledge to do it. I'm training myself (i'll try belive me :$ ) so what i only need is: TIME. I hope you'll be angry to my. :| I don't want it, so be patient and happy, always smile ot something like that. :D

Anyway thank you for following and reading me.
"Stay Awesome Bros" ;)


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