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I already thanked the fans and supporters of Postmortem numerous times. Now it’s time to thank the critics as well.

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Positive encouragement is great - shows what your strong suits are and nourishes that fragile Artistic Soul™. But negative feedback is just as (if not more) important - it shows the weak points and what needs fixing. Even though often excused by its niche audience, Postmortem definitely has issues - overwhelming amount of reading, simplistic gameplay, brevity, lack of translations or other platform support, to name a few. Some I knew and struggled with during development, some new ones I haven't focused on as much.

So here's a very genuine Thank You to all critics - I'm seeing what you're saying, and taking notes. This is my first self-published game and a bit of an experiment, so there is a lot I learned from it. I can't promise the next one will fix everything, but I will do my best to improve and try to tackle the issues better!



Wow, what a refreshingly honest post.

I personally enjoyed the game at release--which reminds me, it's been long enough now that I need to play it again and select a new 'victim.' That said, I agree that there were some aspects that could be improved over time or with a 2.0 release. Or a sequel.

Whatever you decide to do, continue taking pride in the fact that you've created something very unique and, I think, quite special.

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