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I have uploaded LFS Y10 Test Patch. More information and download link inside. Note -> you need the Full Game with Y patch installed to use this test patch.

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The Test Patch can be downloaded HERE.



Hello Racers.
Here is a new compatible test patch Y10.

Please report all problems to Lfsforum.net (you need to be registered in Lfs.net to post)

It contains Chinese, Japanese and Korean Translations.
There are also some fixes including a hot lapping fix affecting South City.
Y10 contains various updates including an important fix for network debug messages.
Please read the list of changes below.


Changes in TEST PATCH Y10 :

Network debug messages are no longer sent in InSim packets
Chinese IME now shows language in black when IME is not active
Text input box is now drawn above user messages so easier to type
Small change to list of fonts may possibly make more fonts visible
Line breaks in help text and lesson text now depend on actual width
FIX : Admin could crash dedicated host by mistake with some commands

Changes in TEST PATCH Y9 :

Included Japanese lesson translations
FIX : Corrupted text in top left corner after changing language
FIX : Corrupted "finished" at top right after changing language
FIX : Increased character buffer size to 4096 on screen at once
FIX : Character analysis now ensures that fonts are a good size
FIX : Wide characters in some fonts could acquire stray pixels
FIX : Ping column in Simplified Chinese could become corrupted

Changes from Y to Y8 :

Double byte character support :

Included Chinese, Japanese and Korean translations
Selectable font for these languages in Game Options
Input Method Editor support including candidate lists
IME automatically switched on and off in text entry dialog
Input language is shown when editing text (white if IME active)

Interface :

Czech and Simplified Chinese lesson translations
Faster text drawing system improves frame rate
Separate text entry field for AI number plates
Welcome screen now has three language columns
Added flags beside names of translations

Multiplayer :

New command /ndebug=no/yes to switch off/on network debug
Dedicated host and network debug show connecting guest IP
FIX : Rapid /ai NAME command resulted in AI with same name
FIX : Rapid /ai command could exceed number of cars allowed
FIX : Joining a host with same name AI resulted in Join OOS
FIX : Skin name buffer overflow exploit

Fixes :

FIX : Wall riding was possible on soft walls at South City
FIX : Select invalid configuration and weather in cfg.txt
FIX : Replay could open reversed configuration in DEMO




Speedo and tacho numbers and text appear above the needle

Windows XP : East Asian Language Support / Font Installation

LFS does not support double byte characters with Windows 98 / ME.
Windows XP and Vista should work well but you may need to install fonts.

If you have Windows XP and currently cannot see the East Asian translations, here's how to set up your computer so it works.
See the attachment - in Control Panel click on "Regional and Language
Options" then under the "Languages" tab select "Install files for East
Asian Languages".
Windows will probably ask you to get your XP CD and the fonts will be installed from it.

This is important even if you do not use Chinese, Japanese or Korean
translations so you can see East Asian text and player names correctly
when you are online.

Click image for larger version<br /< Name: support.gif<br /< Views: 156<br /< Size: 93.0 KB<br /< ID: 49196


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