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Been Gone a Long Time but have actually been doing something constructive. Inside this article is a link to the latest "Test" release as well as information on project updates.

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It was in May that the last test build was released. I got some good feedback and I want to say thanks for that. Since then I have made over 100 changes to the game (some minor, some major) & I have begun to work on the Main Story Mode of the game. Granted my spelling and grammar needs some serious correction but I'll get around to that last.


-Major Changes to the Games Formula
-Story Mode Chapter 2 of 5 Ready for Testing
-Crafting System cleaned up a bit & organized
-Lots of Battle Alterations
-At least 80 Minor Changes, probably not noticable

For a full list of updates please read the 'Version History'.txt file within The Thing 2 [TB7] Downloaded folder.

Test Build 8

Please note for this build I have not accompanied it with a 'Lite Version'. The reason for this is that I want to test the Anti-Lag Code I am using and see how it effects players performance.

Modes that work:
Tutorial Mode (Altered) 100%
Original Mode 100%
Story Mode, Chapter 2 of 5 (40%)

Please note that Survival Mode and the Extra Content (DLC) function do not work and will send you to the test map. Any questions please comment on THIS post/article.
Link: Mediafire.com
#Edit (08/07/13): It has come to my attention that there is a section of the original mode that appears bugged. This is due to the anti-lag script preventing a scene from processing correctly, the scene is updated in this release (If you have already downloaded TB7 then you will have to download this new file) I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. As for save file backwards compatibility that is untested, This is an opportunity to see if that works..


The next update (nicknamed the Efficiency Update) Will improve lighting and make the game window size noticeably bigger. There will be more story mode gameplay for this version as well as updated graphics. I am currently in the process of getting artwork completed for the game even though its fairly expensive. There should be new battle backgrounds, new enemy stock images (original designs), resized/edited game images and New Ending Images all of which will be original and more suited to the project. There will also be a large overhaul to the way items are dropped in the game. I think some weapons are far too common in comparison to others.

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