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Post news RSS Terrarium Land. Release in March 29 on Steam

March 29 is release date of the Terrarium Land (3D action-logic-adventure arcade game). Battles against cybozoorgs will be soon.

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In November 2013 first gameplay video of the our game was presented on Steam Concepts. Terrarium Land went at Steam greenlight in april 2015, and in april it was greenlit on Steam.
Some years of game development and it`s complete now .
3D game "Terrarium land" will be released in March 29 on Steam.

Terrarium Land.
Genre: 3D action-logic-adventure arcade game.
Mode: Single player.
Platform: PC (Windows, Linux).
Engine: Unity3d 5
Distribution: Steam
Release-date: March 29, 2016 on Steam Store.
Developer: Layer games.
Spaceship with Robot T.I.X. crashed on unknown territory.
And now adventure and battles with mechanical enemies begins in the “Terrarium Land” world.
Deciding puzzles and destroying enemies on different levels. Do explore the world`s levels, find secret places, unique artifacts, weapons and bonuses.
In the game three unique planets have different locations, there are various environments and conditions. Main hero can interact with plants and some environment objects, and used special equipments in the different situations. Levels of the game mostly are original medium-small arenas with enemies and puzzles, traps and tasks.

You have some tasks to complete level and continue adventure. Tasks are different. Explore or find something, missions to destroy or annihilate, tasks to collect artifacts and others.
World's inhabitants are harmless and cowardly but some inhabitants are aggressive to you.

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