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Tennis Elbow 2013 is released ! Wait a couple of days if you want to avoid any undiscovered bug..! ;-)

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Tennis Elbow 2013 is released (Build 97-2013.1.24) ; download it from here :
Managames.com ~40MB [Permanent direct download link to the latest version]

This is an important update over Tennis Elbow 2011, but not a complete new game.

More info in the Forum : Managames.com .

New Features :
- Outfits : a bunch of new outfits for men & women designed by Dilima & Torto ! (and you can find a lot more of their creations in the Modding Forum ;) )
- Tour Bases : men & women player bases & Tournament calendars have been rebuilt from scratch and updated to 2013 !
- Training Club : "Continue Later" option for matches in the Training Club (available from the "Give Up" screen)
- Instant Stats : number of drop shot & volley drop shot winners
- Online : more preset quick chat sentences, available through Preset Chat Key #2
- Modding : can have up to 65536 models instead of 256 for all outfits !
- Modding : can specify the "Outfit" entry to load for the player base (useful to use the different outfit codes with Sam's Patch)
- Modding : can specify the weeks the players were not on the Tour (ie: injured) in the Player base

Changes :
- Gameplay : strikes are now a bit more tiring when power is above stamina, and a bit less tiring when power is below stamina, especially on acceleration
- Gameplay : short slice combo is now : slice -> drop shot -> slice
- Gameplay : short slice forehand is slightly less short
- Gameplay : maximum average serve speed raised by 1%
- Online : CRC calculation modified
- IA : CPU serve position is now a bit more far from center in doubles
- IA : CPU will now always try to do a passing or lob when his opponent stands near the net (instead of doing some normal shot in the middle)
- IA : CPU is now less likely to do a dropshot when his opponent runs back a bit

Bug Fixes:
- System : .exe isn't flagged as DEP compatible anymore, this should prevent a direct crash when launching the game in a DEP environment

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