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An update on the technology bug from the first post and what this means for the future.

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Hey guys!

IMakeMods here and I've come with an update for everyone. Unfortunately, I will not be able to include technology for the first release because, while I have fixed the crashing issue, the actual technology screen does not update and the entire small arms tree (with Basic Equipment, Weapons I, etc) disappears. Not to mention that the years are not appearing at the top of the technology menu.

This could possibly because I do not have icons yet for them so I will get on that soon with place holders.

Until I am able to resolve the technology issue, I will not be adding it in. However, I can add in the national focus trees but I'm still working on it because now I am making several new trees (Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire / Turkey, Russian Empire, Arabia (will use the generic tree but has some special flavor), Qing Empire, Republic of China and People's Republic of China (both will have individualized trees)). As well, I need to expand the generic tree and other major power trees back to 1900.

I will try to release the mod tomorrow as alpha v0.0.5 - it will have the major nation's political figure heads and some events (such as the Prime Ministers of the German Empire being dismissed by Kaiser Wilhelm II) to change the leader. Other than that, I will be expanding the leader base from 1918 to 1936 and figuring out the national focus trees for the nations.

Until then, IMakeMods

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