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First news update, talking about terrain, huds and gamemodes!

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While admittedly we only started the page a few days ago, so while we don't have to much to show off we do still have a bit to talk about. Hopefully next week we will be able to deliver more information. What we are able to talk about though in this post is the HUD, Terrain and Gamemodes.


Work has started on the HUD so you will actually be getting feedback regarding player status. Included is the start of the health indicator, in the form of a heart. It is currently in a semi working state and will continued to be worked on in the coming weeks. The timer for the gamemode has also begun and is for the most part working apart from a couple of bugs here and there and some formatting issues. Information regarding ammunition is still be worked on and planned as we try and figure out the best way to work it into the game.


From the first video that we posted it showed many issues with the terrain. To clarify this was a first pass for terrain on Quarrelsome Quarry. It will obviously look alot better and different the more we work on it. You may of noted in the video how the player was able to scale unbelievable sheer cliffs without any problems.

We have since been able to fix this and for the most part the player is no longer able to go up those steep heights. Terrain is also being smoothed out so that players are able to navigate the areas they are allowed to be in and making more obvious indicators of where the player shouldn't be going.


We have also started the work on general gamemodes, the first one that's being worked on is Deathmatch and we are hoping that we will be able to show more progress on this in the coming weeks as well.

That's all for now, thanks for reading. Enjoy the rest of your Monday.


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